In NORDIA MARBLE, we focus on three key pillars: industrial specialization, people and the environment.

We continually invest in technology and industrial expertise and constantly improve our industrial units. Modern facilities, strictly selected raw materials, fully computer-controlled equipment with specialized software programs and certified ISO 9001 quality management system ensure consistent quality throughout the production process.

Our main concern is that our products are friendly to both people and the environment. We aim to create favorable and safe working conditions. Particular emphasis is placed on the protection of our materials in order to maintain for a long time the aesthetic result for which they have been originally selected.

Our people are distinguished for their excellent scientific and professional training. Our priority is both the continuous training of our scientific staff in order to be constantly at the cutting edge of knowledge and technology, as well as the development of the skills of our workforce. We invest in knowledge management, the dissemination and continuous flow of knowledge between different departments and different people, aiming at exploiting it both today and tomorrow.

What unites us the most in NORDIA MARBLE is our passion for achieving the perfect final result, as well as the satisfaction of our customers. Our environmental commitment focuses that each product is designed and produced according to the following principles:

  • Raw material saving and recycling.
  • Energy saving.
  • Zero environmental pollution.

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