NORDIA MARBLES is working hard to build and maintain a relationship of trust with all of you. That is why the protection of your personal data is a matter of utmost importance to us.

The purpose of this privacy policy is for you to understand how we collect and use your personal data for marketing purposes and for improving our products and services that are offered to you.

The data recorded upon your accessing our website are processed according to the relevant Greek, European and international laws of personal data protection.

Once you access our website (, data such as the web pages you access are stored.

At the same time, we store and process data that you provide us when you register to our website (e.g. name, surname, telephone, email), or when you send us a message through our site’s contact form.

When you contact us via the contact form or any other way, the provision of your personal data is on voluntary basis and solely in your own decision.

Your personal data is not sold, distributed, disclosed or given to third parties. Your data will be provided to government authorities, government agencies or other competent authorities only when it is required by law to do this.

Our website may contain links to other websites for which this data protection statement does not apply.

You reserve the right to object to the retention of your personal data, in any case, by contacting us via email at: [email protected] . In this case, the company deletes your personal data, unless legitimate reasons require so.

In any case, we have the right to change the terms of our privacy policy, after informing the concerned parties and always within the existing legal framework.


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