NORDIA MARBLES is a Greek company with a high level of knowledge and expertise in wholesale trading, cutting and processing of marble, granite and artificial materials.

NORDIA MARBLES is the continuation of SHISTIRIA MARMARON ATHINON S.A., which was founded in 1960 in Athens and since then it demonstrates its unique knowledge and expertise throughout its continuous presence in both Greek and international markets.

SHISTIRIA MARMARON ATHINON S.A. was founded in 1960 in Athens and since then it offers marble, granite and artificial materials of excellent quality, providing wholesale and retail services with timeless presence in the Greek market and exhibiting a significant number of large projects.

NORDIA MARBLES today belongs to the broader NORDIA group. NORDIA is a company with deep knowledge and experience in the building materials sector, with MARMOLINE being the most important brand with 20 years of presence on the market.


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