Mining Awards 2021. Nordia Marble.

Nordia Marble. One of the big winners of the Mining Awards 2021

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The mining and marble companies, who are investing in a sustainable and “green” tomorrow with activities of local community development and training of their employees, were awarded at the Mining Awards 2021. Among them, Nordia Marble, member of the Nordia Group, has been awarded with the gold WINNER awards in the categories “Underground & Surface deposits” & “Mechanical Exploitation & Processing”.

Underground & Surface deposits

Gold Winner Award: Techniques and Technologies for locating and exploiting underground deposits

Nordia has achieved the optimization of its quarry in Volakas Drama, through a series of state of the art investments for underground deposits, such as:

  • Internal power network
  • Wifi network
  • Ligthning protection systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Static adequacy systems
  • Machines younger than 5 years old

Thus Nordia has secured the maximum safety for its human resources, while at the same time for their constant training.

Mechanical Exploitation & Processing

Gold Winner Award: Management of marble blocks and slabs with technical problems.

The marble processing unit in Lykovryssi is equipped with state of the art machines, fully controlled by computer systems and sophisticated software programs and certified quality system ISO 9001.  We have  created the ideal conditions to secure stable quality through the whole mechanical process, giving value to materials, that in the past were characterized as second class selection and finally protecting all of our materials from any possible technical issues.

The award ceremony was attended by important personalities of the mining business, confirming that the winner companies were awarded as exceptional case studies.

The Chairman of the committee Dr. Petros Tzeferis, General Director of Mineral Raw Materials of the Ministry of Environment and Energy said “It is very important for a sector that has contributed steadily and significantly to the country’s GDP over time and that has been misunderstood in our country, to emerge! This is our goal today, to highlight every significant effort of companies in the industry. Moreover, we aim that the Mining Awards to be established, being a successful institution in the future. On behalf of all the members of the evaluation committee, I congratulate the companies that stood out, investing systematically and innovating “.

Nordia Marble. One of the big winners of the Mining Awards 2021 Nordia Marble. Βig winner of the Mining Awards 2021 Nordia Marble. One of the big winners of the Mining Awards 2021 in Athens

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