Calacatta Regina

Wholesale – Greece
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Projects – Private Residencies
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Quartz surfaces are produced in state-of-the art production lines based on Bretonstone® technology.

All stages of the production process comply with all quality standrads, in order to ensure the result in the final surface.

With a wide range of designs, quartz  surfaces add elegance, high aesthetics and luxury to interior surfaces.

They are applied to various surfaces, such as countertops, desks, tables, reception desks, bars, etc.

Technical Data

Commercial name

Calacatta Regina

Dimensions (slabs)

3,30m x 1,65m x 2cm (L/H/T)

Water absorption

≤ 0.05%

Apparent density

2.2-2.4 g/cm³

Flexural strength

> 40 MPa

Dimension stability

Class A

Electrical stability

E. resistance (Rv) = 0.9 x 1014 ΩE. resistivity (pv) = 4.9 x 1014 Ω

Impact resistance

≥ 3.0J

Compressive strength

164 MPa

Mohs scale of hardness

6.0 – 7.0

Resistance to deep abrasion

Volume of chord: V≤ 195 mm³

Freeze-thaw resistance

No defects after 25 freeze-thaw cycles

Thermal shock resistance

No visible defects after 20 cycles

Determination of resistance to immersion in boiling water

Rating 5 (no visible change)

High temperator resistance

Rating 5 (no visible change)

Determination of resistance to staining

Rating 5 (no visible change)

Microbial resistance

Rating 3 (resistant to mold growth)

Chemical resistance to acids

Class C4

Slip resistance (honed)

R9 – R10





Water blush


Cigarette test


Residual monomer

< 500ppm (styrene)